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​The research interests of the Collegium include a wide array of issues, beyond any boundaries created by the economic sciences. Many of our disciplines may be considered unique not only in the School, but also in the whole country. Other disciplines have their equivalents, however, the manner of teaching is far from the adopted pattern. Therefore, it offers a possibility of conducting interdisciplinary research in the most fascinating fields, which allows to quickly grasp any recent changes that have become nothing unusual nowadays both in Poland and worldwide. We provide strictly economic subjects, such as theory of the economy, history of economic thought, economic history of public finance and banking, management in the public sector, ecology, urban management, social and employment policy, social insurance, sociology, philosophy, political science, public administration, international relations, European integration and security. Each of these fields is subject to in-depth change and we exercise all our efforts to stay updated.
The Collegium is considered the interdisciplinary expert institution due to the employees' profile of interests as well as the research conducted herein. Therefore, the employees work as advisers or consultants in the government bodies (including i.a. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Office of the Committee for European Integration, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of National Defence), the Sejm and Senate, municipal government, social and political organisations and mass media centres.
The detailed information about the academic research conducted by the employees of the Collegium may be found on websites of particular units.