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About the Collegium : About the Collegium – Collegium of Socio-Economics | Warsaw School of Economics

 About the Collegium

​The most important feature of the Collegium is its interdisciplinary approach to both the research and educational offer proposed by the employees with respect to all academic titles, types and fields of studies at the Warsaw School of Economics. The research issues of the unit are related to i.a. theory of economics, micro- and macroeconomics, international economics, economic history, regional and local economy, public finance and international financial markets and banking, in particular central banking, social insurance and environmental issues.
The academic units that conduct their research and studies in the field of social sciences are strongly represented in the Collegium. The locally and internationally acknowledged research led by sociologists, in particular specializing in the unique economic sociology, lawyers specializing in European law, constitutional law, administrative law as well as law theory and philosophy, political scientists specializing in the political science and new discipline of public policy, together with the specialists specializing in the field of social sciences as well as philosophers and ethicists. Furthermore, the research in the field of international relations, international security and European studies, especially with respect to the Economic and Monetary Union, institutions, politics and functioning of the entire European Union also deserves some credit.
The Collegium is an important authoritative and expert centre on a global and European scale. Additionally, the employees of the Collegium hold important positions in political and economic arenas in Poland as well as in the European institutions. They offer their knowledge and advice to international organisations as well as economic and financial institutions both domestic and abroad.