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 Andrzej Zybała


A. Zybała is currently the Head of the Department of Public Policy at SGH Warsaw School of Economics. He holds Ph.D. and habilitation from the Institute of Political Studies of the Polish Academy of Science. He used to work for the National School of Public Administration (KSAP), the Social Partnership Center “Dialogue” (Ministry of Labour and Social Policy).

The subject of his Ph.D. was public goods in the conditions of globalization. His habilitation book was centered on the problems of public policy, particularly the analysis of various sector policies (economic and social). It contains a description of the main processes taking place within public policy/public action in Poland. Its main thesis on the nature of public policy in Poland points to its inherent etatism and the tendency to limit the profile of public policy within the law-making process.

Research projects

He had participated in numerous projects (research and expertise).  Between 2016-2017 he was the leader of the SGH research team working within the European Commission funded project Development of Direct Workers Participation and its' Impact on Industrial Relations at Company Level (VS/2016/0305). He had also co-authored with D. Konopka a report on direct participation in Poland. The project included also a comparative report on participation within 6 EU member states.

A. Zybała worked as an expert and author of publications in the Polish Ministry of Work and Social Policy, National School of Public Administration (KSAP), Ministry of Regional Development projects.

He was an expert in international projects, funded by the European Commission (INFORMA II), on industrial relations on the workplace, national and European level („The Role of Information and Consultation of Employees and Workers at National and European Levels for the Improvement of Competitiveness, Employment Growth and Better Implementation of the European Social Model”). The researchers and experts within the project included representatives of Bulgaria, Croatia, Ireland, Italy, the United Kingdom.

He plays the role of project coordinator in the projects funded by the European Commission.

He is the author of eight books and editor of three. He has published extensively both in academic and regular journals such as the European Journal of Industrial Relations, Public Governance [Zarządzania Publiczne], Culture & Society Quarterly, and Praxiology.



I. He has authored books on industrial relations and public policy. Within the latter field he has published three monographs:

A. Zybała. 2016. The Polish mind on the crossroads. On intellectual culture in Poland: in search of the sources of failure of some public actions. Warsaw: SGH Publishing House.

A. Zybała. 2013. State and society in action. Public policy and the need to modernize state and society. Warsaw: Diffin Publishing.

A. Zybała. 2012. Public policies: experiences in creation and implementation of public programs in Poland and elsewhere. How the state acts when it plans/wants/must solve common problems of its citizens? Warsaw: National School of Public Administration.

A. Zybala. 2009. Challenges in health care: central human and organizational resources edited. Report commissioned by the World Health Organization (Regional Office for Europe). Warsaw: National School of Public Administration.

Other publications on public policy in Poland:

A. Zybała. 2019. Cultural sources of political conflict in Poland. Sociological Review, 68: 3, pp. 185-205.

A. Zybała. 2018. Public Policy in Poland in Context of Tendencies Unfolding in Central Europe. Conclusions from Case Studies’, „Yearbook of the Institute of East-Central Europe”, 16:5, pp. 81–103.

A. Zybała. 2018. The meanders of public management in Poland after 2015 (M. Krawczyk, ed.). Warsaw: SGH Publishing House, pp. 193-217.

A. Zybała. 2015. Public policy under the conditions of sociological vacuum. „Culture & Society Quarterly”, 59: 4, pp. 25-47.

A. Zybała. 2017. Cultural barriers in the process of articulation off group interests. „Praxiology”, 159, pp.  265-295.

A. Zybała. 2016. Development and the patterns of intellectual culture. „Culture & Society Quarterly”, 61:4, pp. 51-71.

A. Zybała. 2013. Problem of complexity in public policy. „Zoon Politicon”. 2013.

A. Zybała. 2014. Contemporary states in face of growing complexity of public problems. In  J. Osiński (ed.), The state as an actor/subject in public policy. Warsaw: SGH Publishing House.

A. Zybała. 2014. On the need for modernisation of the structure of public policy instruments. „Studia z Polityki Publicznej/Public Policy Studies”, 1:1, pp. 33-55.

A. Zybała​. 2019. Moral education: trends and barriers. Public Policy Studies/Studia z Polityki Publicznej, 4:24, pp. 81-98.

A. Zybała. 2019. ​​ The spatial policy and its outcomes in the context of growing complexity of its problems. Public Policy Studies/Studia z Polityki Publicznej, 2:22, pp. 103-122.

A. Zybała.2017. Public administration reforms in Poland. In 25 Years of Public Administration Developments and Reforms in V4 region (ed. by J. Nemec, D. Špaček ), Brno: Visegrad Fund.

A. Zybała. 2016. Developmental issues and patterns of intellectual culture. „Culture and Development” 1:1, s. 51-71; DOI 10.7366/KIR.2016.1.1.03

A. Zybała. 2015. Civil Society and Public Policies. An International Journal of the non-profit sector, cooperative and social Enterprises. Theory, Policy and Practice, 2:1-2, pp . 35-52.

A. Zybała. 2014. The structure of the policy on domestic violence in Poland. Social Policy/Polityka Społeczna, 484: 7, pp. 13-20.

A. Zybała. 2013. The Third sector as a policy actor. Trzeci Sektor, 30: 2, pp. 21-31.

II. A. Zybała also publishes on work (industrial) relations and on social dialogue.


A. Zybała. 2019.  Management and labour participation in Poland: from manorial system to subjectivity”. Warsaw: SGH Publishing House.

A. Zybała. 2008. The Partner Republic: Is it possible to form partnerships in governance of  public programs and policies in Poland? Warsaw: Social Partnership Center „Dialogue”.

A. Zybała. 2007. The Power of Partnership: How social partnerships helps local groups deal with problems and embrace the incoming challenges. Warsaw: Social Partnership Center „Dialogue”.

Other publications on Industrial Relations issues:

A. Zybała. 2019. ​Board-level employee representation in the Visegrád countries. European Journal of Industrial Relations, 3:25, pp. 261–273;

Dorota Konopka, Andrzej Zybała. 2018. Direct participation in Poland. Country Report. Warsaw: Warsaw School of Economics.

Ribarova E., Brankov, D., Cronin, S., Evangelou V., Gold, M., Leonardi, S., Mincheva, Murphy, T.,  O'Kelly, K.,  Pelecanos C.,  Rees, C. and Zybała, A. (2018), Direct participation in Europe. Comparative report. Sofia: Direct Project, CITUB.​ 

A. Zybała. 2014. Role of Dialogue in Public Policies, “Warsaw Forum of Economic Sociology”, vol. 5:2(10), ss. 49-67.

A. Zybała. 2007. Power of dialogue. Social Dialogue Magazine (special issue), pp. 81-89.

Edited books:

A. Zybała, W. Misztal (ed.). 2008.  Social partnership: the Polish model of development. Warsaw: Social Partnership Center „Dialogue”.

A. Zybała (ed.). 2009. Towards a knowledge based dialogue. Warsaw: Social Partnership Center „Dialogue”, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.

A. Zybała (ed.). 2016. Poland in dialogue: tradition-changes-comparisons-perspectives. Warsaw: Social Partnership Center „Dialogue”.



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