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 Review and Acceptance Procedures

The editors accept the submitted papers if they are consistent with both the profile of the journal as well as the requirements set out in the Information for Authors. The authors of the papers must also follow the guidelines specified in the Code of Publishing Ethics in the quarterly 'The Journal of Public Policy Studies'.

The editorial team requires that the articles be developed on the appropriate level in terms of readability, accompanied by abstracts and key words.

Only original articles are accepted, i.e. papers not submitted or not published in a scientific publication.

The author of the paper is obliged to sign an appropriate statement on the originality of the work.

External review is prepared by two reviewers in the double-blind review process, i.e. after the information about the author's identity has been removed. The review form is applied.

The author receives the reviews for consultation (yet without knowing the identity of the reviewers). They are obliged to respond to the comments presented.



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