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 Łada Wołoszczenko-Hołda, phd assistant professor


​Lada Voloshchenko-Holda, PhD

  • Lada Voloshchenko-Holda graduated from Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (2001). She received a PhD in economics
     (specialization:zdjecie_Lada.jpg quantitative methods, models and information technologies in economics) at the Institute of Economics and Forecasting of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences (2008). Before she left Ukraine for Poland she worked for about ten years as a senior research officer at the Institute of Economics and Forecasting at the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences in Kyiv. Her major areas of research included foreign trade, energy and the agricultural sector. She was also involved in strategic consulting projects for the Ukrainian government as well as for other institutions.
    Since settling down in Poland, she has finished post-graduate studies for banking analysts at the Warsaw School of Economics (2013). In 2016 she started working as an assistant professor at the Institute of Banking, Warsaw School of Economics.


  • Ph. D. in economics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, The Institute of Economics and Forecasting (diploma nostrificated at the Warsaw School of Economics, the Collegium of Socio-Economics)
    Master’s degree in economics, diploma with honors, National Technical University of Ukraine (“Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”


  • 2009 – 2011, assistant professor delivering the course on “Macroeconomic policy analysis” within the Master’s Degree Programme at The Dept of Economic Theory, National University of “Kyiv–Mohyla Academy”, Kyiv
    2005 – 2009, senior teacher delivering the course on “Trade Policy” and seminars on “Public finances and the budgetary process” at The Dept of Economic Policy, National Academy of Public Administration, The President of Ukraine, Kyiv
    2008, teacher of “Policy analysis” for public servants within a Polish-Ukrainian Cooperation Foundation (PAUCI) Project on the “Implementation of European standards of public administration”


  • credit risk assessment; financial analysis for credit risk assessment purposes; rating agencies; risk management in banks; compliance risk; analysis of financial instruments; monetary policy analysis


  • 200350-1564 Audit and compliance in bank
  • 236090-0399 Rating agencies (within a team)


  • Credit risk assessment
  • Financial analysis for credit risk assessment purposes
  • Risk management in banks
  • Compliance risk in banks
  • Internal audit in banks
  • Sectoral analysis
  • Economic analysis
  • Analysis of macroeconomic policy
  • Rating agencies


Over 20 publications in Polish and Ukrainian (publication list available in the Polish version of the site)

List of publications