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 How to become a superpower? A strategic game

The project entitled "How to Become a Superpower? A Strategic Game" is part of the Social Responsibility of Science / Excellent Science program implemented by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The team of the Institute of International Studies (IIS) of the Warsaw School of Economics, under the leadership of Monika Krukowska, PhD and in cooperation with specialists in the field of international relations and strategic games, will develop an educational game addressed to secondary school students who, when making decisions of an economic, political or security nature, will strive to win the game - take the position of a leader (a superpower). Participation in the game will allow students to acquire strategic thinking skills, useful both in their professional work and in everyday life, and make them aware of the multifactorial determinants of economic and political success, both domestically and internationally. 

Activities under the project include printing the game "How to Become a Superpower?", preparing a website enabling downloading the game for self-printing (Print & Play system). Supporting activities will be online lessons on international relations and the superpower status conducted in secondary schools all over Poland. IIS WSE will also host a series of open seminars related to the issue of the existence and functioning of superpowers. The project will be implemented in the period 2021-23 by researchers from the Middle East and Central Asia Unit, IIS in cooperation with research centers, including the University of Warsaw, the Academy of Martial Arts and specialists in game mechanics.



Project title: How to become a superpower? A strategic game

Head of the project: Dr Monika Krukowska
Funding: Ministry of Education and Science