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​Katarzyna Górak-Sosnowska

associate professor, head of MECAU

She earned her PhD in economics at the SGH Warsaw School of Economics and her habilitation in the study of religions at Jagiellonian University in Cracow. She works as an associate professor at the Middle East and Central Asia Unit and is also a vice-Dean of Master's Studies. Her research interests focus on contemporary Middle East and Muslim minorities in Europe. She published five monographs including Deconstructing Islamophobia in Poland (2014) and edited a book on Muslims in Poland and Eastern Europe (2011). Head of a research project Managing spoiled identity: the case of Polish female converts to Islam (funded by the Polish National Science Centre). Head of the Association Forum Dziekanatów (Student Services Employee Association).

More information: CV | publication list | contact

Monika Krukowska

assistant professor

She earnerd her PhD in economics and works at the SGH Warsaw School of Economics as assistant professor. Her research focuses on economic, political and security inetrests of China with a particular reference to its African imension. 

More information: CV | publication list | contact

Joanna Morzejewska-Leśniewska  

associate professor

She graduated from the Historical Institute at University of Warsaw. She works at the SGH Warsaw School of Economics as an associate professor. Her research focuses on the past and present of international relations wit a focus on the states of Central Asia, reaching from India to Iran and Pakistan. Author of such books as Talibowie [Taliban] (2001) and Afganistan w XX wieku [Afghanistan in 20th centuy] (2010).
More information: CV | publication list | contact​​

 PhD Candidates

Aleksanrda Tołczyk - a graduate of the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies, University of Warsaw (internal security) and postgraduate studies at Collegium Civitas, Warsaw (security and information analysis). Laureate in a nationwide competition organized by the Head of the Internal Security Agency, Poland for the best doctoral, master's or bachelor's thesis in the field of internal security (2016/2017 edition). Research interests: counteracting radicalization in the US and UK, the role of prisons as places conducive to radicalization.
Academic supervisor: Katarzyna Górak-Sosnowska