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​    Departmental research focuses on the issues related to the finance system and finance policy, especially elements of the public finance system such as: local government units’ and state budget and finance, non-budgetary funds, government debt, state aid, as well as on the elements of the market finance system i.e.: financial institutions and instruments and their functioning. Esspecially our team interested in: Elements of the public financial system such as: state and local government finances, state budget (public debt management), public funds, public aid, finance of the healthcare system; The market financial system with its structure (financial institutions, financial markets, financial instruments and rules of their functioning) and functions (monetary, allocation and control); Elements of the state's financial policy - monetary policy and fiscal policy with particular emphasis on the tax system. The research areas, mentioned above, will be increasingly analyzed in relation to the European financial market and the global (international) financial market.    
Each year, members of Treasury Department participate in national and international conferences and summer schools.