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Cooperation : Cooperation – Department of Treasury | SGH Warsaw School of Economics



Dear Students,

In this term my Financial Crises and Financial Stability lecture will not take place weekly on Mondays, but is going to be conducted in an intensive form – 30h of lectures during 5 days (7th of May – 11th of May).
The first lecture will take place on: 

  • Monday, 7th of May, 11:40am, room C-3B, building C. 
  • Tuesday, 8th of May, 11:40am, room 151, building G
  • Wednesday, 9th of May, 11:40am, room C-3B, building C
  • Thursday, 10th of May, 11:40am, room C-2E, building C
  • Friday, 11th of May, 11:40am, room 218, building A   
At this lecture we will start with administrative issues, including a possible shift of the lecture hours, so that the majority of students would be able to attend the course (mandatory presence!).
The lectures will only take place between 7th of May - 11th of May and the course will not be continued in the next semesters. The exam will be conducted on the last day of the lectures – 11th of May in the afternoon. We will merge the groups with Prof. Battiston. If you cannot attend the lecture in the mentioned week, please send me an email – you could either change groups to my other lecture, with the same title and content, but conducted in Polish or deregister from the course.
Please also spread the information to your colleagues via Facebook or other media.

Prof. Agnieszka Alinska