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About the Department : About the Department – Department of Treasury | SGH Warsaw School of Economics

 About the Department



Department of Treasury was established in 1992 as a part of the Collegium of Socio-Economics. It was recognised as the only research and didactic unit, specialising in the field of treasury, which relates to pre-war tradition and engages in research of current finance systems – specifically: the public finance systems and their relation to the market finance systems. The Department of Treasury was the first unit of its kind to be established in Poland. It was founded by Professor Bogusław Pietrzak who led it until 2013. Currently Professor Agnieszka Alińska is the head of the Department.
Departmental research focuses on the issues related to the finance system and finance policy, especially elements of the public finance system such as: local government units’ and state budget and finance, non-budgetary funds, government debt, state aid, as well as on the elements of the market finance system i.e.: financial institutions and instruments and their functioning.