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 Jean Monnet Chair of the European Union

Jean Monnet Center of Excellence at the Warsaw School of Economics (CEWSE) at the J. Monnet Chair of European Union (SGH) was set up under the European Commission Decision for an indefinite period and its activities in the years 2016-2019 will be financed by the European Union under the Erasmus + program. The distinction awarded by the European Commission is extremely prestigious because it is part of the highest level of the Jean Monnet program, launched in 1989, to stimulate teaching, research and debate in the field of European integration studies at the level of higher education institutions not only in Within the European Union, but also globally, in non-EU countries. There are currently nearly 200 Centers of Excellence in the world and the Jean Monnet Center of Excellence is set up at one of the two institutions set up by the EC decision in 2016 in the EU Member States of Central and Eastern Europe and one in 15 across the European Union, Canada, Japan and Korea.

  The decision to award the SGH Center for Excellence is a recognition of the quality of education and research conducted by the staff of the European Union Jean Monnet Chair of the European Union and other academics working with the Cathedral. In the CEWSE business will be as so Key Staff included: PhD Agnieszka Kłos, PhD Anna Masłoń- Oracz, PhD Marta Pachocka, Assistant Professor PhD Magdalena Proczek, and representatives of so-called The partner institutions, i.e. the European University Center, ECSA (European Community Studies Association, Katowice University of Economics, Gorzów Wielkopolski University of Economics, Gdansk University) will also include representatives of many well-known foreign centers. 

  According to the design and composition of the so- Key Staff, head of the Center is Full Professor Ewa Latoszek, a member of the European group of professors Jean Monnet. PhD Anna Masłoń-Oracz was nominated for the Secretary of the project. 

  The aim of the Center is to create a collaborative database of researchers dealing with European integration issues and to promote knowledge and research in the field of integration processes in the European Union - legal, economic, political and historical. In particular, it is intended to promote the cooperation of Professors Jean Monnet, Jean Monnet's Chairmen, university staff in the framework of European modules. It is an open structure for cooperation with the university environment, aspiring to organize and participate in local and regional initiatives promoting European integration. Within the framework of the European Commission's project, a number of publications on European integration, international conferences, doctoral dissertations and scientific debates and discussions.   

 In July 2013, the European Commission's Executive Agency for Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA-Education, Audiovisual and Culture Agency) Full Professor Ewa Latoszek Cathedral of the European Union im. Jean Monnet - Jean Monnet Chair. Thanks to the high evaluation of the team of international experts, in September of the same year the project was adopted by EACEA for implementation. It is worth noting that, as a result of this year's selection, only 1/3 of the projects submitted were positive. 

 The Lifelong Learning Program is aimed at universities in EU Member States, candidate countries and universities in other countries interested in the development of new educational and research activities in European integration. The program supports the activities of experts dealing with this issue, having rich didactic and scientific experience in research into European integration processes, which want to undertake further educational and research initiatives. The main objective of the program is to create a permanent structure dealing with the teaching of European integration and to introduce new subjects in this field to the didactic offer and the university education programs. The project enables SGH to be strengthened in the Jean Monnet Chair Holders International Network.


The Jean Monnet Chair on „Turning points in European Integration: governance, politics and identity in the EU” has been established under a grant of the EU Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA.) received by Professor Ewa Latoszek in July 2013. Its capacity is to develop, adapt and transfer current ideas and knowledge about EU will have a potential essential for the process of strengthening the European Higher Education Area. The Chair's aim is to show a new perspective of the integration process in the new economic and social contexts in Europe and the world  and will contribute to improvement and development of the European Studies at WSE. The JM Chair programme strengthens the connections between the different education modules at Warsaw School of Economics. The Chair programme  has an interdisciplinary character and offers lectures in Polish and English at BA and MA levels. One course is also addressed to PhD studies attended by the representatives of different professions.​

The Jean Monnet Programme is part of the EU's Lifelong Learning Programme. Originally launched in 1989, these projects are present in 72 countries across the five continents. Between 1990 and 2011, the Action has helped to set up 162 Jean Monnet Centres of Excellence, 875 Jean Monnet Chairs and 1.000 Jean Monnet Modules. These projects bring together 1.500 professors, and reach approximatively 500.000 students every year.  The Jean Monnet Chair stimulates teaching, research and reflection on European integration in higher education institutions worldwide. Jean MonnetChair projects are selected on the basis of their academic merits and following a process of rigorous and independent peer review.



Invitation for the the International Scientific Conference

Jean Monnet Chair of European Union has the honor to invite You to the International Scientific Conference “Facing the Challenges in European Union. Re-thinking of EU Education and Research for Smart and Inclusive Growth (EuInteg)” that will take place on 14-15th May 2015 at Warsaw School of Economics in Poland.


Establishing Jean Monnet Chair of the European Union

​In July 2013 the Jean Monnet Chair on „Turning points in European Integration: governance, politics and identity in the EU” has been established under a grant of the EU Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) received by Professor Ewa Latoszek.





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