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​The research is also the main focus of the activities of the employees of the Collegium of World Economy. Some part of the research is conducted in collaboration with the international centres. The research realised in the Collegium of World Economy mainly refers to the international aspects of the national economies and industries as well as enterprises in the international environment and international integration, in particular including the issues of the European Union. The research that may be included in the first group of subjects concentrates on the issues of international competitiveness of Poland and innovativeness of its economy. Additionally, an important part of the scientific achievements of the employees of the Collegium constitute the research papers on the economies of Germany, Baltic States, both Americas and Eastern Asia.
The research on the international aspects of the functioning of the enterprises, including the issues of internalisation of Polish enterprises and activities of the transnational enterprises. The above-mentioned research concerns the issues of international business, intercultural management and intercultural communications in business, international logistics and marketing, international tourism as well as Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).
The issues of the European Union and Polish membership are tackled by many employees of the Collegium and research teams. Within the framework thereof, the subjects related to the institution, UE economy and policies, economics of the Polish membership in the EU, relationship between the EU and other countries, competitiveness of the Polish enterprises on the Union's market as well as accession of new Member States to the euro-zone are also realised.

Apart from the above-defined issues that constitute the core research activities of the Collegium of World Economy, other subjects which are current, interesting and important from the point of view of the competitiveness of economies and enterprises are also tackled. Such subject include, among other things, the following issues:
  • sustainable development (including sustainable development of tourism),
  • knowledge-based economy and knowledge-oriented enterprises,
  • offshoring and outsourcing of business processes,
  • legal aspects of the functioning of enterprises in the information society,
  • Internet business models,
  • business ethics,
  • role of international organisations (in particular under the financial crisis),
  • reform of the world trading system,
  • capital markets under the financial crisis.

The employees of the Collegium of World Economy also contribute to the development of the theory of economic sciences with respect to the following:

  • international trade,
  • change of the economic system,
  • institutions in the global economy,
  • energetics and natural environment,
  • synthetic business cycle indicators,
  • capital in the enterprise and other aspects of financial managements,
  • service marketing.

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