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​​International Conference World Economy 2019. Learning from the Past and Designing the Future - 9-10 May 2019


International Competitiveness and Urbanization - 15 June 2018

International Conference on Applied Economics - 5-7 July 2018

Conference Horyzont 2020 – I3U - 10 September 2018


20th European Trade Study Group Conference - 13-15 September 2018


Field seminar - UNIEJÓW 2013 (PL only)

Fostering Innovation and Competitiveness in the EU at National and Regional Level 
Public discussion - open pension funds’ future  (PL only)
New developments in German economy and Polish-German economic relations (PL only)
EU - China Trade and Economic Relations in the Post - Crisis Era

Creating Greater Synergies Among the EU Countries: A New Perspective for Visegrad Countries



Low carbon economy - crisis management (PL only)

Research seminar - social market economy (PL only)

Field seminar - ZABOREK 2012  (PL only) 

Innovation and Education: Drivers of National and Regional Competitiveness in the 21 st century



Research seminar – monetary integration influence on goods flow in times of economic crisis  (PL only)

FDI and intra-industry trade of Visegrad countries (PL only)

 Innovation and Competitiveness in the World Economy
Field seminar - VILNIUS 2011  (PL only)

Research seminar – shift in Germany and Russia positions in world economy in the first decade of XXI century. Implications for Poland (PL only)


Diversity management II (PL only)

Clusters and international competitiveness of countries, regions and firms in the global economy

Field seminar - BARTLOWIZNA 2010 (PL only)

Does the crisis experience call for a new paradigm in monetary policy? (PL only)

EURO 2012 impact on the Polish economy (PL only)

2008-2009 economic in the Baltic and East European region. Implications for Poland (PL only)

European Competitiveness in 2010   (PL only)
Behaviour of luxury goods consumers (PL only)