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 Recurring conferences

TRANS conferences
TRANS'95 – Common Europe – threats and opportunities for transport sector
TRANS'97 – Common Europe – economic dilemmas of transport and ecology
TRANS'99 –  Common Europe – international competitiveness of Polish companies
TRANS'01 – Common Europe – entrepreneurs and globalization
TRANS'03 – Common Europe – innovation in companies’ activuty
TRANS'05 – Common Europe – companies’ sustainable development and relations with stakeholders
TRANS'07 – Common Europe – creating companies’ value in the EU market
TRANS'09 – Common Europe – companies’ partnership as a risk mitigation strategy
Touristic Department conferences

Tourism economy and stakeholders

Tourism sustainable development. Real concept, illusion or marketing hook?
Tourism against new phenomena in the world economy (PL only)

Tourism response to crisis circumstances

World economy globalization

World economy globalization and environment protection

Economic globalization  and environmental policy

Globalization, energy and envinonment

Entrepreneurs and climate change

Institute of International Economics conferences

Europe in the world economy Beyond the sovereign debt crisis
31.05.-1.06. 2012

New phenomena in the world economy. Conclusions for Poland
17-18.10.2013 (PL only)

Research centre  for German economy conferences
(Forschungszentrum für Deutsche Wirtschaft)

New developments in German economy and Polish-German economic relations (PL, DE only)   

 (Neue entwicklungen in der deutschen Wirtschaft und den deutsch-polnischen Wirtschaftsbeziehunge)