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 Keynote speakers

​​Prof. Anna Zielińska-Głębocka
head of the Department of International Economics and Economic Development,
Faculty of Economics, University of Gdańk,
member of the Monetary Policy Council in the National Bank of Poland 2010-2016

Prof. Charles Edquist
Ruben Rausing Chair in Innovation Research at CIRCLE, Lund University, Sweden
Professor, Centre for Innovation, Research and Competence in the Learning Economy (CIRCLE), Lund University, Sweden
Charles Edquist is one of the founders and the first director (2004-2011) of CIRCLE. He has
published numerous books and articles on innovation processes, innovation systems and
innovation policy. He is among the 50 (or so) most cited innovation researchers (out of 6 - 7 000) in the world.
He is currently working mainly as a researcher and as an advisor to governments,
international organizations and firms on issues related to innovation policy and strategy in a wide sense. For example, he was 2015 -2018 a member of the Swedish National Innovation Council, which is chaired by the Prime Minister. Please see:

Prof. Siwook Lee
KDI School of Public Policy and Management

Dr. Reda Cherif
Senior Economist, International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Reda Cherif is a Senior Economist at the International Monetary Fund (IMF). He joined
the IMF in 2008 and worked in several departments on fiscal issues and macroeconomic
analysis of emerging and developing countries. Reda also conducted economics training of
IMF staff and government officials.
His research focuses on development economics, natural resources, fiscal policy, and
growth and innovation. His recent book co-edited with Fuad Hasanov and Min Zhu, Breaking
the Oil Spell, explores economic diversification in oil exporters. Reda holds a PhD in economics
from the University of Chicago.

Dr. Fuad Hasanov
Senior Economist,  International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Adjunct Professor of Economics, Georgetown University
Fuad Hasanov is a Senior Economist at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and an
Adjunct Professor of Economics at Georgetown University. Since joining the IMF in 2007, he
has worked as an economist for several emerging countries and natural resource producers
and conducted training of IMF staff and government officials. Before joining the IMF, Fuad
was an Assistant Professor of Economics at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan in
He has written articles on consumption and saving, real estate returns, growth and
inequality, fiscal policy and debt, and natural resources. His recent research focuses on
growth, innovation, and state policies. He is the co-editor, with Reda Cherif and Min Zhu, of
Breaking the Oil Spell that examines economic diversification in oil-exporting countries. Fuad
received a PhD in economics from the University of Texas at Austin.