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​During the conference the 2020 edition of the "Poland. Competitiveness Report" will be presented.
 Raport 2020.pngEconomic development is associated with a growing importance of the service sector in the
economy, with a simultaneous expansion of the service functions in the industry and agriculture.The integration of the production of goods with various types of services is increasing. On one hand, we can observe the industrialization of services, and on the other, the service component of production activities is increasing – a process often related to the development of new technologies. In the case of international competitiveness, knowledge-intensive business services play a special role as they increasingly become a source of new technologies affecting the entire economy.

Along with the growing role of services in the economy, the competitiveness of this sector gains more and more in importance. The question arises: how can services and intelligent manufacturing contribute to gaining a competitive advantage in the modern world economy? Possible solutions to this issue are sought in the 2020 edition of the "Poland. Competitiveness Report".

Previous editios of the Reports can be found here.

New Challenges for the EU Industrial Policy.jpgNew challenges for the European Unions Industrial Policy: climate changes, servitisation, digitalisation 

Adam A. Ambroziak ed., SGH Publishing House, Warsaw 2020.

W Unii Europejskiej.jpgPolska w Unii Europejskiej od stowarzyszenia  do piętnastolecia członkostwa 

Monografia dedykowana Profesor Elżbiecie Kaweckiej-Wyrzykowskiej
Adam A. Ambroziak, Alina D. Szypulewska-Porczy
ńska ed., OW SGH, Warszawa 2020.