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 Rafał Kozłowski

​Rafał Kozłowski has been working for PKO Bank Polski since 2012. One of his tasks was launch of the mortgage bank. As CEO of PKO Bank Hipoteczny, Kozłowski was responsible for developing the institution and quickly secured it a top position on the list of largest mortgage banks in Poland. Under his management, the bank rapidly became the largest issuer of mortgage covered bonds on the domestic market and conducted the largest issues of mortgage covered bonds out of Poland.
Rafał Kozłowski comes from Łomża. He is a graduate of SGH Warsaw School of Economics study major: Quantitative Methods and Information Systems, University of Warsaw and University of Illinois where he completed the Executive MBA studies in 2008. Kozłowski has been working for the banking industry since 1995. He held managerial positions in Powszechny Bank Kredytowy, Bank BPH PBK, Bank Pekao S.A. and PKO Bank Polski. Kozłowski was also the CFO and member of the Management Board in Corporation of European Pharmaceutical Distributors N.V. in Amsterdam, where he managed the international holding of 160 companies located in Poland, Lithuania and Great Britain.
In the course of his professional career, he was involved in constructing strategy and bank budgets, along with monitoring, preparation of analyses and stock exchange reports as well as preparation of public bids and acquisition transactions of foreign entities. Kozłowski is a top-class expert in controlling, accounting, reporting, financial risk and mortgage banking.
Rafał Kozłowski is a member of the Supervisory Boards of PKO Bank Hipoteczny, Bank Pocztowy and the operator of Chmura Krajowa.