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 The art of business - values and ethics as the foundations of long-term development


Introductory theses to the panel:

  • Business culture necessary for the functioning of a modern economy should be based on respect and trust for business partners, in teamwork, in dealing with clients. It should be developed on tradition, strengthened by mechanisms and social regulations that eliminate the wrong practices and promote the right ones.
  • Social skills, the level of their social integration, readiness for voluntary association and pro bono activities, transparency of public institutions and enterprises is still a challenge, especially due to the model of quick enrichment. The concept of success is still mainly associated with accumulated wealth (achievements) and not other values: the so-called legacy, happiness and social significance.
  • Ignorance of the law or even permission to bypass the law for making profits is also the result of lack of appropriate quality and overregulated law but also lack of internal culture of observing corporate governance. The ethical challenge is still unfair competition, especially in the field of public procurement.
  • Innovative economy should be based on the collective effort of many cooperating entities that have to trust in creating new solutions with a large intellectual property charge - co-created and shared by members of such ecosystems. The marketing culture of this property is necessary for its creation. Lack of trust between the parties of this process is one of the important investment brakes.


Our panelists and the chairman propose two sessions of mentoring to randomly chosen participants, during which students can discuss a topic of their interest. Mentors will provide help and advice on how to build participants’ career path.