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World Economy 2019 :

World Economy 2019 – Collegium of World Economy | SGH Warsaw School of Economics


 World Economy 2019

​​International Conference
World Economy 2019
Learning from the Past and Designing the Future
In May 2019, SGH Warsaw School of Economics celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Collegium of World Economy (formerly the Faculty of Foreign Trade). The institution organising the jubilee was the Collegium and the Association of Alumni of the Faculty of Foreign Trade​

The scientific conference will be organized on to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Collegium of World Economy together with the 70th birthdays of distinguished Professors, who are Collegium’s faculty members: Adam Budnikowski, Elżbieta Duliniec, Tomasz Gołębiowski, Jolanta Mazur, Ryszard Rapacki, Dariusz Rosati, Andrzej Sznajder.
The event, honored by the participation of both, domestic and international researchers, will provide an excellent opportunity to reflect on the development of international economics and business throughout the decades, paving the way for collaborative shaping of the future.
The World Economy 2019 conference will be aimed at:
  • discussing and analyzing contemporary theoretical and empirical issues in economics and international business;
  • disseminating of research results and sharing insights with fellow professionals about challenges, dilemmas and advances related to the development of world economy;
  • creating an open and an inspiring forum for knowledge and experience exchange among academics, business leaders, entrepreneurs, policymakers and practitioners.
A highly interactive program of the conferences will include:
  • plenary sessions with high-level keynote speakers
  • thematic tracks
  • anniversary celebrations
  • junior researchers’ labs
  • PhD students workshop
  • several interactive side events.
Conference Topics
  • New phenomena in the global economy (including shifts in economic centers, globalization, global value chains, international migration, trade agreements, sharing economy, development of information technologies, international expansion of enterprises, use of the Internet).
  • Integration and disintegration processes in the global economy (including structural changes in the EU, Poland in the European Union, Asian integration).
  • Smart, balanced and inclusive socio-economic development in the context of globalizing markets (digitization, ICT, inclusiveness, energy, environment, 4th industrial revolution).
  • Determinants of international competitiveness of economies, regions, branches, industries and enterprises (such as institutions, human capital, finance, innovation, foreign trade, FDI, technology transfer, internationalization of enterprises, competitiveness of locations, new business models, cultural consumers behavior in the global market, etc.).
  • Sciences for socio-economic policy (e.g., new industrial policy, innovation policy, financial policy, international economic policy, economic policy of the European Union and the euro area countries).

The scientific papers submitted after positive reviews will be placed for publication in:


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Collegium of World Economy
Warsaw School of Economics
al. Niepodległości 162
02-554 Warsaw, Poland
phone: +48 22 564 93 50


Professor Aleksandra Duliniec
Professor Elżbieta Kawecka-Wyrzykowska
Professor Jerzy Menkes
Profesossor Jacek Miroński
Preofessor Leokadia Oręziak
Professor Adam Szyszka

Professor Marzenna Weresa
Associate Professor Tomasz Dołęgowski, PhD
Associate Professor Ewa Dziedzic, PhD
Associate Professor Mirosław Jarosiński, PhD

Associate Professor Izabela Kowalik, PhD
Associate Professor Arkadiusz Kowalski, PhD
Associate Professor Zenon Marciniak, PhD
Associate Professor Jacek Prokop, PhD

Associate Professor Mariusz Próchniak, PhD
Associate Professor Mariusz J. Radło, PHD

Associate Professor Jürgen Wandel, PhD
Associate Professor Marzanna Witek-Hajduk, PhD

 Organizing Committee


Chair of the Organizing Committee Katarzyna Sum, PhD
Chair of the Organizing Committee Lidia Danik, PhD 

Associate Professor Magdalena Kachniewska, PhD
Associate Professor Alina Szypulewska-Porczyńska, PhD 
Krzysztof Falkowski, PhD
Patrycja Graca-Gelert, PhD
Katarzyna Kamińska, PhD

Michał Konopczak, PhD 
Łukasz Kryśkiewicz, PhD

Honorata Nyga-Łukaszewska, PhD 
Katarzyna Kowalska, MA
Karolina Nivette, MA
Natalia Szomko, MA