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 Women and business


​The journal is published once a year in cooperation with the International Women's Forum. From 2012 the original version is electronic. “Women and Business” is on the list B with 5 points.

Editor: Professor Ewa Lisowska
Editorial assistant: Anna Para, Ph.D.

Advisory Board:
Professsor Jovina Ang, National University of Singapore
Professor Halina Brdulak
Professor Magdalena Kachniewska
Professor Bożena Leven
Professor Jacek Miroński
Ewa Rumińska-Zimny, Ph.D., International Women’s Forum (IWF)

Double-blind review process

From 2013 each article is evaluated by two independent reviewers from outside the Collegium of World Economy. Authors and reviewers do not know their identity (double-blind review process). A review is compiled in writing by the unified form, and ends with the application for admission to the publication of the article or its rejection. The names of the reviewers are not disclosed; once a year the list of reviewers is published within the magazine.

Ethical rules

In order to tackle the issue of ghostwriting  and guest authorship, we introduce the following procedures:
1. Each author signs a statement in which he/she indicates that the work submitted for publication is his/her own and original study.
2. In the case of two or more authors of one article, it is required disclosure of the contribution of each of them in the creation of publications (indicating affiliation and contribution of each author in terms of concepts, principles, methods, etc.).
3. We ensure that all detected cases of scientific dishonesty will be unmasked, including notification of relevant stakeholders, including the author's employing institution, association scientific editors.
4. We commit to documenting all forms of scientific misconduct.

Women and Business” is published in Polish and English. All the articles are available on the Websites:;

Volume 2020 Kobieta_i_Biznes_2020.pdfKobieta_i_Biznes_2020.pdf


Volume 2019  Kobieta_i_Biznes_2019.pdfKobieta_i_Biznes_2019.pdf
Plec_a_kompetencje_menedzerskie_w opinii_podwladnych.pdfPlec_a_kompetencje_menedzerskie_w opinii_podwladnych.pdf


Volume 1-4 2018

Volume 1-4/2017
Volume 1-4/2016
Volume 1-4/2015
Volume 1-4/2014
Volume 1-4/2013
Volume 1-4/2012
Volume 1-4/2011
Volume 1-4/2010
Volume 1-4/2009