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 Conference 2016

​World Economy Research Institute
Collegium of World Economy
SGH Warsaw School of Economics , Poland
The World Economy Research Institute’s 11th Annual Conference
Addressing Competitiveness Challenges
Innovation and Institutional Change
Warsaw, June 13, 2016
9.00 a.m. - 5.30 p.m.
Warsaw, al. Niepodległości 128
 building C, Auditorium I
The World Economy Research Institute at the Warsaw School of Economics (Poland) is pleased to announce its 11th Annual Conference on competitiveness and innovation.
In today’s world, sustainable competitiveness is no longer built on such staple elements as economies of scale, but rather on curve-jumping and curve-defining innovations. Therefore, the recognition of the entire process of innovation (from investment to commercialization and implementation) by policy makers is of key importance. That is because, without an appropriate institutional environment, innovations will not emerge and sustainable competitiveness will not be achieved. It is through an appropriate set of institutional changes that economies will be able to capitalize on their available resources as inputs in the creation of innovation outputs leading to a strong, long-term competitive advantage.
Therefore, the following question arises: What kinds of institutional changes are needed, alongside innovation, to help build a competitive advantage in today’s world? This year’s Conference will seek to answer this question.
• to share research results on institutional change and its role in shaping competitiveness
• to discuss the role of innovation as a building block of competitive advantage and as a path to faster economic growth;
• to share theoretical, empirical and policy research results on various innovation and competitiveness issues;
• to discuss the implications of research findings for policy design and formulate recommendations for Polish and EU innovation policies.
Selected papers will be published in the World Economy Research Institute’s Working Paper series. 
Prof. dr hab. Marzenna Anna Weresa – Director of the World Economy Research Institute, Prof. dr Murat Akpinar, JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Finland, Prof. dr hab. Zbigniew Bochniarz, University of Washington, USA, Prof. dr Marina Dabic, University of Zagreb, Croatia, Prof. dr. hab. Guenter Heiduk, WERI SGH, Poland, Prof. dr. hab. Arkadiusz M. Kowalski, WERI SGH Poland, Prof. dr Lynn Martin, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, Prof. dr Melike Mermercioglu, Koc University, Turkey, Prof. dr hab. Józef Olszyński, WERI SGH, Poland, Dr hab. Jan-Mariusz Radło, WERI SGH, Poland, Prof. dr hab. Ryszard Rapacki, Departmento of Economy II SGH, Prof. dr Usha Nair-Reichert, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Dr Krzysztof Falkowski, Dr. hab. Andreas Bielig, Dr Agnieszka McCaleb, Ms. Renata Lipińska-Płońska, Dr Tomasz M. Napiórkowski
Registration deadline: June 3, 2016
More information about the conference will be made available on the conference website.
Ms. Renata Lipińska-Płońska
World Economy Research Institute
Warsaw School of Economics
Al. Niepodległości 162
02-554 Warsaw, Poland
tel. +48 22 5649370 , email: 
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