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 Competitiveness Reports

​The Reports on Poland’s economic development and its competitiveness have been published by the World Economy Research Institute since 1985. These reports offer an in-depth analysis of Poland’s competitive performance, comparing it against other European Union countries, in particular new member states and Poland’s main trading partners. The cross-country comparison is conducted using both, quantitative and qualitative perspectives and the reasons for Poland’s relative resilience to the global crisis have been discussed.
Competitiveness is defined for the purpose of these analyses as a country’s ability to achieve a sustainable increase in the standard of living, along with an improvement in the country’s role in the global marketplace and its enhanced investment attractiveness. This definition constitutes a general framework for examining various economic and social issues.
The Reports also present some conclusions about Poland’s possible paths of development and economic priority choices that are necessary for enhancing competitiveness and achieving a better-endowed society.
The latest editions of the Report can be downloaded free of charge at: