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 New Forms of Innovation and Their Impact on Competitiveness: Enterprise, Industry and Country Perspective

​ World Economy Research Institute’s Annual Conference on
New Forms of Innovation and Their Impact on Competitiveness:
Enterprise, Industry and Country Perspective
Warsaw, June 29, 2015
The conference is organized under honorary patronage
of the Polish Minister of Economy
The World Economy Research Institute at the Warsaw School of Economics (Poland) is pleased to announce its Annual Conference on economics of competitiveness and innovation on New Forms of Innovation and Their Impact on Competitiveness: Enterprise, Industry and Country Perspective.
The relationship between innovation and the competitiveness of enterprises, industries, and countries is an important topic for both, academic research and economic policy. However, over the past ten years we can observe a kind of a ‘paradigm shift’ in the way the innovation is interpreted. Nowadays, there is a broad awareness of the fact that innovation cannot be limited to the traditional set of product, process, organizational and marketing innovation implemented in enterprises. There are new forms of innovation as the traditional concept has been extended to innovation in the public sector, social aspects of the development and ecological innovations. In addition, the new paradigm of open innovation that appears as a result of collaborative efforts of different partners has emerged. Therefore, the question arises: How these new forms of innovation contribute to competitiveness? This Conference will thus focus on these new approaches to innovation initiating the discussion how they contribute to competitiveness at enterprise, regional and national levels. During the conference the latest edition of Poland: Competitiveness Report 2015 will be presented and its main findings will be discussed.
Aims of the Conference
The aims of the Conference are as follows:
  • to discuss new approaches to innovations and their role in the process of building competitive advantage of countries, regions and enterprises;
  • to share research results on innovation and competitiveness issues;
  • to discuss the innovations in the public sector and their impact on competitiveness of countries and regions;
  • to analyze the new paradigm of open innovation and compare how it is implemented in practice;
  • to discuss implications of research findings for policy designing and to formulate recommendations for the Polish and EU innovation policy;
  • to discuss the innovations in green technologies, and their role as tools for improved competitiveness;
Selected papers, accepted for the conference, will be considered for publication in the “International Journal of Transitions and Innovation Systems”. It should be noted this journal have specific peer-reviews procedures and you need to follow the highest standards and thematic relevance, in order to pass peer-review.
Scientific Committee:
Professor Marzenna Anna Weresa, Director of the World Economy Research Institute, Warsaw School of Economics, Poland
Professor Marina Dabić Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Professor Walter Leal Filho, Head of the Research and Transfer Centre „Applications of Life Sciences“ Hamburg University of Applied Sciences Faculty of Life Sciences, Germany
Professor Arkadiusz Michał Kowalski, World Economy Research Institute, Warsaw School of Economics
Professor Stelian Brad, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Registration deadline: June 20, 2015
FURTHER INFORMATION: The conference is free of charge. Further details will be sent to the registered delegates.
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