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About the Institute :

About the Institute – World Economy Research Institute | Warsaw School of Economics


 About the Institute

​The World Economy Research Institute (WERI) is a research and educational facility within the Collegium of World Economy at the Warsaw School of Economics.
WERI conducts research on various aspects of the world economy and international economic and financial relations; it also analyzes the impact of economic cooperation with foreign countries on Polish economy and its competitiveness.

The Institute’s main research and educational areas cover global aspects of economic development, international trade and foreign direct investment, innovation systems, competitiveness and economic development in Poland, Central and Eastern Europe, Germany and in Eastern Asian countries. The results of our research studies are published both in Polish and in English in form of books, scientific papers, expert opinions and evaluations as well as in our own serial publication Working Papers  (“Prace i Materiały”).
Since 2005  the Director of the World Economy Research Institute has been Professor Marzenna Anna Weresa.