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Teaching program :

Areas of Study – German Economy Research Unit | Warsaw School of Economics

Teaching program

 Teaching program


Professor Jürgen Wandel

110504-1256 Microeconomics I (FORUM)
110514-1256 Microeconomics II (FORUM)
110454-1256 European Integration (FORUM) Jürgen Wandel
136654-1256 European Integration of Germany (FORUM)
110614-1256 International Economic Relations (FORUM)
238344-1256 Ethics of the Social Market Economy (FORUM)
238334-1256 History of Economic Doctrine (FORUM)
238321-1256 Current Topics in CIS Transition Economies (FORUM)
137804-1256 and 238584-1256 The relations between Poland and Germany in economy, politics and society (German-speaking summer school)

Bachelor and Master thesis - proposed topics:

•    Economic development (Poland, Germany, emerging markets)
•    Economic Policy (Germany, Poland, European Union)
•    International Economic Relations
•    Polish-German Relations
•    Agricultural Economics
•    Institutional Economics
•    Political Economy (Public Choice)
•    Liberalism
•    History of Economic Thought
•    Economic Ethics

Andreas Bielig, PhD

Finance (FORUM)
Monetary and Foreign Currency Policy  (FORUM)
Industry Economics (FORUM)
Intellectual Property Management in German Companies (FORUM)
International Finance (FORUM)
Macroeconomics I (FORUM)
Macroeconomics II (FORUM)
Media Economics (FORUM)

Katarzyna Kamińska, PhD

German-Polish economic relations (FORUM)
110611 International Economics
121481 Internationalization of the Firm
11610   International Economics
136494  German-Polish economic relations (FORUM) 
110551 Economic and Social Policy

Bachelor and Master thesis - proposed topics:

• International Economic Relations
• Theory and politics of economic order
•  Economy of modern Germany               
• The role of the state in the economy
• Economic crises and stabilization policy
• Competition theory and policy
• Contemporary economic systems
• Economic analysis of public programs
• Critical analysis of selected economic concepts
• Economic analysis of the enterprise

Waldemar Milewicz, PhD

Internationalization of the firm
International Economic Relations
Strategic Management
International banking

Most members of the Chair are engaged in the German-speaking studying program “Management of Polish-German Business Relations” (Management der deutsch-polnischen Wirtschaftsbeziehungen). Further information see here: Polsko-Niemieckie Forum Akademickie

In addition, the Chair and the German-Polish Academic Forum organize every year in early September the German-speaking German-Polish Summer School “Die Beziehungen zwischen Polen und Deutschland in Wirtschaft, Politik und Gesellschaft”. Further information see here: Sommerschule