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Our researchers specialize in such areas as: development of Foreign Direct Investment and their importance for home and host economies; international competitiveness of economies, industries and enterprises; innovativeness and National Innovation Systems and their role in economic growth; the middle-income trap; development of industrial clusters and their role in economic development; multi-aspect analysis of Easter Europe economies, strategies of catching up economies and many more. 

While planning and selecting research topics for years 2016-2020, ZGWG attempts to identify new topics and problems, which can become important for the economic development from the perspective of the near future. Such an approach is a derivative of the importance we pay to discovering new knowledge and working with topics that are or can be important in the near future. For this reason, the list of research topics which we will be working on in the next years is open for expansion. 

Each of the ZGWG members realizes his / her own research initiatives, which fit within the overall mission and vision of ZGWG, as well as participates in ZGWG-wide research projects. ​