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 Global Economic Interdependence Department

...the economic system is a whole in which all of the parts are connected and react on one another. An increase in the income of the producers of commodity A will affect the demand for commodities B, C, etc. and the incomes of their producers, and by their reaction will affect the demand for commodity A. It seems, therefore,​ as if, for a complete and rigorous solution of the problems relative to some parts of the economic system, it were indispensable to take the entire system into consideration.
​Cournout, 1838
Global Economic Interdependence Unit (Polish: ZGWG - Zakład Globalnych Współzależności Gospodarczych) is part of the World Economy Research Institute, which aims to deepen the knowledge in order to help to understand, explain and predict the consequences of the process of globalization and the resulting interrelationships between various countries and enterprises. In years 2016-2020, ZGWG wants to become a recognizable (Poland- and world-wide) unit of the World Economy Research Institute, which specializes in research relating to the many topics of economic globalization, and is involved in cooperation with scientific institutions, enterprises and the public sector. 





 Head of unit