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 Department of International Management


The team of the Department consist of very experienced professors and young researchers, who authored numerous textbooks, monographs and scientific articles published in Polish and international journals. The members of the Department of International Management comprise research and teaching expertise with invaluable professional experience gathered in business, NGOs and in public sector. The diversity of the Department’s team members influences the wide  scope of research interests, which are related to the international management.

Research and teaching interests of the Department’s members include:

  • cooperation between companies
  • diversity management
  • entrepreneurship of women
  • international business transactions
  • management in multinational enterprise (MNE)
  • management of innovation processes
  • negotiations in personal life and business
  • supply chain management
  • the impact of new technologies on business models
  • the situation of women on the labor market


Head of the Department: prof. dr hab. Jacek Miroński

dr hab. Halina Brdulak​, prof. SGH

dr hab. Mirosław Jarosiński, prof. SGH
dr hab. Magdalena Kachniewska, prof. SGH

dr hab. Ewa Lisowska, ​prof. SGH

dr hab. Małgorzata Lewandowska​, prof.  SGH

 dr Krystian Barłożewski

Cooperating Professors:
prof. dr hab. Tomasz Gołębiowski


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