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 Research interests


Professor Ryszard Rapacki

Real convergence and economic growth; public finance and fiscal policy; privatisation in transition economies; structural reforms in transition economies. 

Associate Professor Bogusław Czarny, PhD  

Macroeconomics of the contemporary Polish economy; market failure and government failure; economics methodology; People's Republic of Poland economy.

Associate Professor Ewa Freyberg, PhD 

Contemporary economic theories; the impact of 'the grey zone' on the policies and decision-making processes; EU regional policy. 

Associate Professor Marian Geldner, PhD

Internalisation of a company; organisation and management of transnational companies.

Associate Professor Jacek Prokop, PhD
Microeconomics; analysis of market structures and companies' strategic behaviour; game theory applications in economics; cartels and collusion; mergers and acquisitions; international debt; industrial organization.

Associate Professor Aleksander Sulejewicz, PhD
Neoinstitutional economics; strategic management; cost-benefit analysis; sectoral economics.   

Assistant Professor Marek Dietl, PhD 

Microeconomics, industrial organization, price theory and pricing in practice, monopolisation, mergers and acquisitions, social welfare, market regulation. 

Assistant Professor Piotr Maszczyk, PhD 

Theories and practice of systemic transformation in Central and Eastern Europe; comparative analysis of economic systems in Central and Eastern Europe, with particular emphasis on privatisation processes. 

Assistant Professor Mariusz Próchniak, PhD 

Macroeconomic topics, especially concerning economic growth, real convergence and countries' development level.  Analysis of transition economies, including Central and Eastern Europe with special emphasis put on Poland. Empirics of growth.