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About the Department :

About the Department – Department of Economics II | Warsaw School of Economics


 Department of Economics II

Department of Economics II is the successor to the best traditions of the Department of Economics at the Main School of Planning and Statistics, Foreign Trade Faculty. The backbone of the predecessor was constituted by such scholars as Michal Kalecki, Edward Lipinski and Kazimierz Laski. The current staff consists mainly of graduates of the Foreign Trade Faculty who have been shaped by the achievements of their great predecessors.
Distinguishing features of the Department of Economics II are: innovative teaching curriculum, extensive contacts with foreign centers, substantial international experience of its employees, close ties with domestic and international business practice and interdisciplinarity of the research profile as well as of the offered classes. The last one combine perspectives of economics, finance, banking and management, both on domestic and international scale.
The staff members of the department are responsible for preparing Polish translations of leading economics textbooks (e.g. undergraduate textbooks by Begg et al.), as well as authorship of own textbooks. Together with the international experience of the staff members, this results in the comparability of the program offered and of the lectures' level with renowned western universities.
Many employees of the department conducted research and taught at the best universities and business schools abroad, including American, British, German and Japanese ones. Furthermore, the staff consists of reputable experts of international organizations (e.g. UN System of Organizations) and advisors of companies and governments. Department's employees have also conducted training in many countries around the world.
Many employees also possess extensive practical experience gained in Poland from the consulting and advisory activities at both companies and government agencies.