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About the Department :

About the Department – Department of International Finance | SGH Warsaw School of Economics


 Department of International Finance

The Department continues traditions of the Chair of International Trade Finance, which was established and run earlier by Prof. Mirosław Orłowski, and which existed to the end of the sixties of the 20th century. After nearly ten years of oblivion, the Department was reactivated in 1981 and it was run henceforth by Prof. Karol Lutkowski (an alumnus of Prof. Mirosław Orłowski). Beetwen September 2005 and December 2014 the Deparment has been administered by Prof. Elżbieta Chrabonszczewska. From January 2015, till now prof. Leokadia Oręziak holds the position of the Head of the Department.  
The wide profile of the departmental team members’ interests covers the sphere of international finance in its three dimensions: the mechanism of the international monetary-financial system apprehended globally; financial markets and their subjects, kinds of undertaken operations, financial tools; the performance of the financial system of enterprises working in the sphere of international economic cooperation in consideration of the problems of management financial risks and insurances. The team of the Department nowadays has five members - academics on different levels of professional work, from assistant professor to full professors.
The Department offers a wide range of classes (lectures, seminars and exercises) in all types of studies. Research papers of the team’s members have concentrated lately on the issues of current domestic and foreign monetary policies, monetary integration and the evolution of international financial market.​