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 Teaching offer

​Employees of the International Finance Department offer the following subjects:
Professor dr hab. Leokadia Oręziak:
222180-0424  Finanse Unii Europejskiej
121110-0424  Fundusze strukturalne Unii Europejskiej
222240-0424  Integracja walutowa
dr hab. Cezary Wójcik, prof. SGH:
223171-0655  International Leadership
238201-0655  Leadership: Managing People, Systems and Self (CEMS)
Dr Sławomir Miklaszewicz
120181-1176  International Finance
222341-1176  International Financial Markets
132301-1176  International Monetary System
235130-1176  Regulacje międzynarodowych rynków finansowych
235131-1176  Regulation of International Financial Markets
Dr Katarzyna Sum
110631-1165  Finance
110630-1165  Finanse
235211-1165  International Banking
120881-1165  International Financial Settlements
Dr Aneta Waszkiewicz
120189-1152  Finanse międzynarodowe (e-learning)
222341-1152  International Financial Markets
222340-1152  Międzynarodowe rynki finansowe​ 
The Department staff also conduct analogous classes as part of part-time studies at SGH, and also participate in the implementation of several postgraduate programs offered by our university.