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Cooperation :

Cooperation – Institute of International Economic Policy | Warsaw School of Economics



The Institute has a standing collaboration with, inter alia, the University of Lille (Jean Monnet Chair of European Integration, Professor Pierre Maillet), the University of Duisburg, as well as the British Know How Fund for Poland with the assistance of the British Embassy in Warsaw.

Some of the most fruitful long-term contacts were with the Embassy in Warsaw, Directorate General X of the European Commission in Brussels and the PHARE/SIERRA fund administered by the Ministry of National Education and the former Plenipotentiary of the Polish Government for the European Integration and Foreign Aid.

Some of the Institute’s employees participate in the implementation of the “Inicjatywa Akademicka Wschód” programme (cooperation with universities in the Baltic states and the Polish minority in Lithuania). They delivered lectures abroad, including CEMS Summer Schools, ASERI in Milan, Peter Pazmany Catholic University in Budapest.