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About the Institute :

About the Institute – Institute of International Economic Policy | Warsaw School of Economics



Institute of Foreign Trade and European Studies (former Institute of Foreign Trade Policy and European Studies) consists of three units and the Centre for European Documentation of the WSE. There are two Professors, four Associate Professors and seven Assistant Professors employed at the Institute.

Improving the understanding of processes governing foreign trade and European integration is one of the Institute’s major tasks. Our mission is to promote the idea of trade co-operation within the uniting Europe as a condition to Poland’s economic development.

We represent a wide range of scientific interests, from micro- and macroeconomics, through European integration, evaluation of investment projects, to highly specialised disciplines, such as derivatives, risk management or eurologistics. Lectures are offered in several languages: English, German, French, and naturally Polish.

The most widely recognised of the Institute’s employees are: Professor Dariusz K. Rosati (Polish Member of Parliament since 2011, Member of the European Parliament in 2004-2009, Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs in 1995-1997), Professor Włodzimierz Januszkiewicz (former Director of the Institute until 2005, advisor to the Polish Minister of Transport and Seafare in 1994-1997, Associate Professor Zenon Marciniak, PhD (the current Head of the Institute, advisor in Narodowy Bank Polski).