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Department of International Business :

Department of International Business | Warsaw School of Economics

Department of International Business

 Department of International Business

The Department of International Business deals with the issues of international business and international competitiveness of enterprises, including conditions, international strategies of enterprises and brands, as well as international entrepreneurship.

In particular, the Department's employees undertake research on:
• conditions and results of internationalization of Polish enterprises,
• corporate strategies from emerging markets,
• international brand strategies,
• international business models,
• cooperation of enterprises on the international market,
• enterprises’ orientation on knowledge and the use of its international sources,
• co-creating value on the global market,
• service management on the international market,
• corporate social responsibility from the perspective of international enterprises,
• the use of internet technologies by internationalized enterprises, taking into account internal and external (including institutional) factors and the results obtained.


Head of the Department: dr hab. Marzanna Katarzyna Witek-Hajduk, prof. SGH​

prof. dr hab. Jolanta Mazur​

dr Anna Grudecka​

dr Anna Napiórkowska

dr Bartosz Targański

dr Piotr Zaborek

dr Elżbieta Wąsowicz-Zaborek​​

Cooperating Professors:

prof. dr hab. Andrzej Sznajder

dr Teresa M. Dudzik​


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