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Consultation : Consultation – Department of Business Economics | SGH Warsaw School of Economics

 Office hours

​Name ​Day Hour​ Place​
​Associate Professor Jacek Prokop, Ph.D. ​Please make an appointment by e-mail (jacek.prokop(at)​​).
​Marek Dietl, Ph.D. Please make an appointment by e-mail (mdietl(at)​​​).​ ​ ​
​Adam Karbowski, Ph.D. Monday ​10:20-11:20 3/13a or 3/13b (building 'C')​
​Łukasz Kryśkiewicz, Ph.D.
3/13a or 3/13b (building 'C')​​
​Marian Moszoro, Ph.D.
​Łukasz Skrok, Ph.D. Friday ​13:45-14:45 ​3/13a or 3/13b (building 'C')​​
​Bartłomiej Wiśnicki, MA
Tuesday ​16:00-17:00 ​3/13a or 3/13b (building 'C')​​
Administration Office of the Department: Barbara Zadroga; barbara.zadroga(at), phone number: 22 564 68 55, Monday-Friday, 8:30-16:00​.​​​​ ​ ​ ​