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 Foreign Affairs Society

Foreign Affairs Society, supervised by the Department of European Integration and Legal Studies, is a student organisation operating since 2000, which holds a leading position among the most active scientific circles at the Warsaw School of Economics. The team of nearly 100 students of different fields of the studies are united by a common passion and a desire to better understand the world around us. 
With a community of more than a thousand people attending our events every year, we create a space for the exchange of ideas and knowledge. Our members gain experience in the international environment, including the structures of the European Union, but also ministries, diplomatic missions, foundations and global corporations.

Our flagship projects are:
Akcja Dyplomacja.png
Action Diplomacy – a project which offers a series of study events with various representatives of the diplomatic corps in Warsaw organised to introduce its participants to the history, economy and culture of selected countries. The project is aimed primarily at people interested in diplomacy and the realities of the Diplomatic Protocol.
POLMUN Warsaw is the oldest academic conference of the Model United Nations in Poland. During the meetings, participants from all over Europe can experience what diplomacy looks like in practice, assume the role of the UN delegates and draw up their own resolutions on current events in the world.
Human Rights Week.jpeg
Human Rights Week is a project, which underlines the promotion of proactive citizenship and human rights awareness across the university community, in a variety of ways – discussions, panels or workshops. In this spirit, yearly the Amnesty International Letter Marathon initiative is organised at the SGH as one of the key parts of the event.
The Weimar Economic Forum is a project that aims at the relationships within the Weimar Triangle. The content spectrum includes mostly hosting meetings with experts from the field of said three-way relations. Students actively participate in the project by publishing articles related to the countries of the Weimar Triangle and taking part in business workshops organised by partner companies from Poland, France and Germany. The whole project is completed with an international exchange between the SGH and French as well as German universities.
Światowy Podcast.jpg
FA Editorial – writes and publishes analyses of the current situation in the world. It is also responsible for running the podcast series “World Podcast” on Spotify. It is a space that allows the members of the Society to exchange knowledge and their perception of world politics.

Since 1st March 2021, the Scientific Advisor of the Foreign Affairs Society has been prof. Adam A. Ambroziak, who held this position during the first years of the Society’s activity. For more than 18 years, prof. Elżbieta Kawecka-Wyrzykowska worked as scientific advisor, then Marzenna Błaszczuk-Zawiła, PhD performed this function from 1st October 2020 to 28th February 2021.
One may follow current activities of the Foreign Affairs Society on Society's social media, including  Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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