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Conferences and seminars :

Conferences and seminars – Jean Monnet Chair of European Integration | Warsaw School of Economics


 Conferences and seminars


On 16th October 2020, the Department of European Integration and Legal Studies together with the World Economy Research Institute (WERI) at Warsaw School of Economics organized the 14th Annual Conference on Innovation and Competitiveness, which was an opportunity to celebrate the 70th birthday of Professor Elżbieta Kawecka-Wyrzykowska, Ph.D., an outstanding specialist in the field of international trade and European integration, a long-term head of the Jean Monnet Chair of European Integration.


AA Ambroziak, AD Szypulewska-Porczyńska (red.) Polska w Unii Europejskiej - od stowarzyszenia do piętnastolecia stowarzyszenia. Monografia jubileuszowa dedykowana profesor Elżbiecie Kaweckiej-Wyrzykowskiej (tytuł w języku angielskim: Poland in the European Union - od stowarzyszenia do piętnastej rocznicy członkostwa. Monografia jubileuszowa dedykowana prof. Elżbiecie Kaweckiej-Wyrzykowskiej), SGH Oficyna Wydawnicza, Warszawa 2020 

24th June 2015 – a nationwide conference on “The future of the EU Internal Market". The discussion on this subject was inspired by the draft Internal Market Strategy for goods and services, which was issued by the European Commission. Post-conference document: Ambroziak AA (2015) The future of the European Union's Internal Market";, Warsaw School of Economics (more at:;

13th June 2014 – Seminar for Ph.D. Candidates “Visegrad Group countries 10 years after accession to the EU"; organized by the Ph.D. students at the Collegium of World Economy at the Warsaw School of Economics.

On 12th June 2014 an international scientific conference “Creating Greater Synergies Among the EU Countries: A New Perspective for Visegrad Countries" was held. The conference was co-organized by two research units the Jean Monnet Chair of European Integration and the Institute of World Economy.

On 21st and 22nd November 2013 three scientific units of Warsaw School of Economics - Jean Monnet Chair of European Integration, the Institute of International Economics and the Centre for East Asia Research organized an international conference on “China trade and economic relations in the post-crisis era”. The conference took place at Warsaw School of Economics.

In previous years, the Jean Monnet Chair for European Integration organised a series of annual scientific conferences on “Poland’s integration into the European Union". The conferences, organised between 1995 and 2009 (until 1998 within the framework of the Institute for International Economic Relations) were attended by representatives of faculties and institutes from various academic centres in Poland, in particular by Jean Monnet Chairholders, as well as representatives of the state administration dealing with the issues of European integration. One of the results of the conference is a series of books containing texts of lectures and submitted papers.

Topics of the organized conferences:

2009 – Five Years of the EU Eastward Enlargement. Effects on Visegrad Countries: Lessons for the Future
2008 – Budget for the European Union after 2013. Implications for Poland
2007 – The European Union in the global economy - new conditions
2006 – The European Union - Challenges for the near future
2004 – Poland - European Union
2003 – European Union funds and economic development of Poland
2002 – Budgetary and financial consequences of Poland's membership in the EU
2001 – Conditions and possible consequences of EU membership for Polish agriculture sector
2000 – Importance of pre-accession and assistance funds for Poland's economic development
1999 – Restructuring of Polish industry and Poland’s accession negotiations
1998 – Economic effects of Poland's association with the European Union
1997 – The state of Poland's preparations for membership of the European Union
1996 – Polish trade policy and membership in the European Union
1995 – From Association to Poland's membership in the European Union


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