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Department of International Marketing :

Department of International Marketing | Warsaw School of Economics

Department of International Marketing

 Department of International Marketing

The scientific specialization of International Marketing Department focuses on international entrepreneurship and marketing, broadly defined internationalization of firms, including “instant” international expansion of SMEs and entrepreneurial marketing strategies.
The Department is conducting research within the Polish National Science Centre’s  “Opus” grant​  and participates in a few international teaching projects. Our faculty teaches day and weekend students of Warsaw School of Economics’ “Global Business, Finance and Governance”, “International Relations”, “International Business” and “Management” majors. Moreover we conduct courses within the Warsaw School of Economics’ Doctoral and post-diploma studies programs.​

department's MEMBERS

​​ Head of the department :   Associate Professor Izabela Kowalik, PhD​

Associate Professor Ewa Baranowska-Prokop, PhD
Associate Professor Tomasz Sikora, PhD
Associate Professor Lidia Danik, PhD
Assiociate Professor Dominika Mirońska, PhD​
Assistant Professor Adam Oleksiuk, PhD
Assistant Professor Agnieszka Pleśniak​, PhD

​​ Assistant Katarzyna Kowalska, M.Sc.​​

In cooperation with:
Professor. Elżbieta Duliniec, PhD​


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 Head of the department