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The international Project VIRAL

9/13/2021 category: information 

The international Project entitled "Varieties of Industrial Relations in Aviation Lockdown (VIRAL)" has received funding from the European Commission under the Action Programme on Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion. It will be carried out by ten European research centres over the next two years. The European Commission has granted more than EUR 500 000 to the applicants. 

On behalf of the SGH Warsaw School of Economics, the project manager is PhD Hanna Kinowska from the Institute of Human Capital in the College of Business Administration. 

The research will concern the phenomena related to employment processes in the air transport, considering the economic and social situation and the context of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The project will result in a report for the European Commission, containing a description of the state of social relations in the aviation industry and recommendations for the future.​

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