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4/20/2017 IKL category: information seminar 

​Ladies and Gentlemen,

In the last week of April, the SGH Warsaw School of Economics is hosting an international group of students from the Rotterdam Business School. They are getting ready to work in international business on the basis of knowledge, international experience and activities, as well as continuous personal development

The group of students from the Rotterdam Business School will share the results of their project at our School, an undertaking related to cycling issues in a broad sense: 

the team dealing with marketing is investigating the possibility of exporting Dutch bicycles to Poland,

two teams interested in urban activism, including innovations, are checking how bicycles can leverage the city's development and how they can serve the less affluent parts of the population, both in the Netherlands and in Poland.  

Part of the project includes the cooperation with our university's students and student organisations interested in innovation, marketing, development management (including personal development).

An open seminar aimed at presenting the project's initial achievements and holding a substantive discussion, as well as kicking off co-operation in the remaining part of the project and other undertakings will be held:

28.04.2017, room 152G, 11.30-13.30.

We invite students and academic teachers to attend the seminar.


Knowledge Management Unit, Institute of Human Capital, Collegium of Business Administration, SGH

Skills Club – a student organisation at the Warsaw School of Economics

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