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 Conferences and seminars

10.00 a.m. - 3.00 p.m. /The conference will be conducted in polish language/

The aim of the conference is to disseminate knowledge and initiate a nationwide discussion on
problems of sustainable development of enterprises in the era of digital economy.
The specific goals are:
1) Presentation of the results of research carried out at the KNoP in 2019-2022, entitled “The enterprise in the face of the requirements of sustainable development”,
2) Exchange of experiences in the Polish scientific community of the above-mentioned issues,
3) Searching for common research areas in which the center of interest is enterprise sustainability in the era of digital economy in the collegial, inter-collegial and national dimensions.
Our long-term vision is to create an inter-university research network, to which we cordially encourage all interested parties to join.

X coaching Conference, 1.12.2021, in collaboration with SKN Acceleration
The theme of this year`s Coaching Conference is "Personal Development in the Age of Pandemic" (Rozwój osobisty w dobie pandemii). The conference aims to educate young people and all those affected by the new reality in their professional, scientific and daily lives.

Scientific conference "Busuness compatition - new opportinities and barriers" (Konkurencja przedsiębiorstw - nowe możliwości i bariery) 20.11.2021
The purpose of the conference will be to identify in depth the changes taking place in various areas of the market economy, together with their impact on competition mechanisms, the competitive position of enterprises, their development dynamics, as well as the possible rational use of resources. Particular attention will be paid to developments linked to technological progress, including  in particular the phenomena of digitisation and the further implications of these processes. A multifaceted analysis of these issues would allow us to further expand our knowledge of the changes in teh processes and mechanisms of market competition and their determinants. It is very important to relate these processes to the expectations and demands of sustainable development, including an assessment of the extent to which strengthening the market competition of companies becomes a stimulator of sustainable development processes.

Scientific Seminar in the series Family Business Day, 17.11.2021
The event will provide an opportunity to present the final report of the statutory research on "Businesses and their role in creating sustanable development" and exchange views with researchers representing other academic centres in Poland. Its main objective is to popularise the achievements of the Department of Family Business and to involve this unit in the celebration of World Enterpreneurship Week 2021 (remote formula).

X Scientific Conference of the series "Family Business"
X Scientific Conference of the series "Family Business", co-organised by Family Business Unit. This year`s conference will take place on 13-14.09.2021 in Nałęczów. Otganisers: Family Business Centre of WSB University, University of Social Sciences, Institute of Enterprise - Department of Family Business, Department of Banking and Financial Markets, Institute of Economics and Finance, Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin.
Its aim is to: systematise the hitherto knowledge on Polish family enterprises - to summaries the hitherto achievements of Polish researchers; identify potential new research directions; discuss ways of popularising family enterpreneurship as a subject for teaching; develop the FaBeRNet Family Business Research Network project; integrate the scintific community dealing with the issue of family businesses and practitioners; consider cooperation in research projects and other ventures.

Determinsnts of bio-based packaging market developmet in a closed loop economy Determinanty rozwoju rynku bioopakowań w gospodarce o obiegu zamkniętym) 18.06.2021
Description of subject matter: The scientific seminar (online) aims to present the results of the empirical research carried out in the first phase of the international SIMBIO project entitled "New areas in social innovation research" social innovation management for the application of bioplastics" (from 31.05.2021). The seminar is orgenised in cooperation with the Faculty of Management of the University f Lodz. The sprekers will include researchers form SGH Warsaw School of Economics, the University of Lodz and as a guest speaker Coventry University from the UK. The parpicipants of the event will involve employees and doctoral students of KNoP SGH and WZ UŁ. The seminar at our Collegium is organised in project collaboration by: Associate Professor Barbara Ocicka, Ph.D. Łukasz Marzantowicz and Ph.D. Aneta Pluta-Zaremba.

NEW DIGITAL WORLD on-line conference 15-16.06.2021
The speakers will be eminent managers of leading enterprises from Poland and employees of the Institute. 
The invited guests include prominent experts in the areas of Future Workplace, Digtal Employee Experience, Digital Customer Experience, Health & Resilience. Speakers will present unique solutions used in companies in teh areas indicated. In addition, the results of scientific research conducted at the Humen Capital Institute will be presented. 

Seminar CHALLENGES AND TRENDS IN HUMAN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT (Wyzawnia i trendy w zarządzaniu kapitałęm ludzkim) 12.06.2021
The seminar is an annual practice of the Postgraduate Sutdies in Humen Capital Management and meets the needs of educating and sharing current and good practices in this field. It is an opportunity to bring together academia and practitioners, employees and employers, learners and teachers.
Two panel discussions are planned to address the specific challenges of the pandemic times affecting human capital management, i.e. how to measure teh diversity of candidates and employees and how to develop the employees?
The moderated panels, with the active role of seminar participants, will be attended by 6 invited discussants.
The seminar will be held in a remote and open format.
Scientific conference "New understanding of balue - social and economicchallenges" (Nowe odczytanie wartości - wyzwania społeczne i ekonomiczne) 10.06.2021
The aim of teh conference is to integrate the scientific and business communities, to disseminate the results of scientific research dedicated to the subject of value creation and to indicate new directions for interdisciplinary research in this area.
The conference will be attended by prominent represebtatives of Polsh scientific centres as well as representatives of the business world.

Municipialities Forum for 5! 20.05.2021
Conference was combined with the announcement of the results of the XXX annual survey on the entrepreneurial behavior of municipalities in serving entrepreneurs. At the same time, it is an event that integrates universities involved in the study of regional and local entrepreneurship. There were panel discussions with the participation of scientists, doctoral students and student scientific circles from universities of barious profiles, including economics, pedagogy and natural scinces.
The conference aims to disseminate good practices of local government in creating public information for investors and entrepreneurs using modern media. In addition, it is to serve the exchange of experiences related to the conduct of scientific research on the creation of conditions for the development of entrepreneurship in Polish regions.
The event under the honorary patronage of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency and under the honorary patronage of the Rector of SGH Warsaw School of Economics.

Scientific Seminar "Family bussinesses and their role in creating sustanable development" (Przedsiębiorstwa rodzinne i ich rola w kreowaniu zrównoważonego rozwoju) 14.04.2021
Seminar of family businesses and their involvement in creating sustainable development. In the group of scientists, representatives of the business environment sector and enterpreneurs we talked about social factors which unfluence the continuity of functioning and multi-generational character of family businesses, about the premises of formulating goals of a social nature, about the actions of family businesses for the realisation of such goals, as well as the impact of the pandemic on the process of realisation of social goals in the family business sector.

The role of inteligent algoritms and sensors as a support in the process of calculating the cost of manufacturinf products
3.02.2021 scintific conference "The role of inteligent algoritms and sensors as a support in the process of calculating the cost of manufacturing products" (Rola inteligentnych algorytmówi sensoró jako wsparcie w procesie kalkulacji kosztów wytwarzania produktów).
The conference was a summary of a Project POIR.01.01-00-092417 funded by the National Center for Research and Development, in which the employees of the Department of Management Accounting participated.

Department of Logistic invites for a conference: Supply Chain Management - in the search of new competitive advantages
Warsaw School of Economics, SGH, building C, Aula I, al. Niepodległości 128 ,  more information about the conference
Enterprise in a Global Economy
Institute of Markets and Competition of Collegium of Business Administration has a pleasure to invite to 7th International Conference: Sharing Economy. The conference is held on 18th of March 2016, SGH Al. Niepodległości 128, building C, aula I.
Application form you can send Ilona Jastrzębska - e-mail:
More information about the conference please find at the website: IRIK Conference
Enterprise in a Global Economy

Institute of Markets and Competition of Collegium of Business Administration has a pleasure to invite to 6th International Conference: Enterprise in a global economy. Application form you can send Ilona Jastrzębska - e-mail:
More information about the conference please find at the website: IRIK Conference

The Political-Economy of Place-Based Policies with a Focus on Special Economic Zones

Warsaw School of Economy - Institute of Enterprise - and CASE - Center for Social and Economic Research have a​ pleasure to invite you to the International Conference "The Political-Economy of Place-Based Policies with a Focus on Special Economic Zones". The event will take place in Warsaw School of Economics, Aula I, C building on 23rd April 2015. All about conference you can find on the website:​.​