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Director dr hab. Gabriel Główka prof. SGH

Director of the Institute of Corporate Finance and Investment and Dean of the Collegium of Business Administration in SGH in Warsaw. Graduate of the Faculty of Production Economics of the SGPiS (Main School of Planning and Statistics). He received his doctoral and post-doctoral degrees from the SGH (Warsaw School of Economics). In his research work, he mainly focuses on the functioning of the real estate market, including problems of its imperfections, with particular emphasis on the formation of price bubbles in housing markets, as well as systems of financing real estate investments and mortgage banking. He is the author of publications on these issues. Also active in business practice, previously in the banking sector, and currently in the construction area.

Deputy director dr hab. Waldemar Rogowski prof. SGH

Ph.D. in economics in the field of finance, professor at the Institute of Corporate and Investment Finance of the Warsaw School of Economics. Associate Director of the Institute of Corporate and Investment Finance, Head of the Risk Management Department at the Institute of Corporate and Investment Finance of the Warsaw School of Economics. Graduate (Master’s Degree) of the Warsaw School of Economics and Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń (post-graduate studies in commercial law). Long-term business practice - Director of Risk and Corporate Client Departments of leading financial institutions. Currently Chief Credit Analyst in the Credit Information Office. For many years UNIDO Expert on Industrial Development. As a consultant to the World Bank, a long-term reviewer of pre-privatization valuations of companies, mainly from the energy, mining, and financial sectors - a WB contract for the Ministry of Treasury of Poland.
Author or Co-author of over 130 publications in the field of corporate finance, monographs, and articles published in renowned Polish and English language magazines.