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 Areas of study

Institute staff conduct lectures in the following areas:
​•    corporate finance
•    corporate liquidity management
•    business valuation
•    capital structure in the enterprise
•    economic and financial analysis
•    sustainable finance
•    financial instruments and markets
•    creating and optimisation of investment portfolios
•    application of derived instruments for corporate risk management
•    application of econometric models in finance
•    application of option models to the valuation of investment projects
•    financial diagnostics
•    effectiveness of investment projects
•    project management
•    prediction of bankruptcy risk
•    restructuring of enterprises in the crisis
•    risk management
•    bank and risk management in financial markets
•    cultural determinants of international business management
•    real estate valuation
•    spatial and residential investments
•    revitalisation and entrepreneurship in urban development
•    real estate management in times of crisis
•    urban bankruptcy
•    bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral seminars