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 About the Institute of Human Capital

​​The turning of the centuries has created a new perception of human factor’s role in the creation of enterprises’ value. People are now perceived as “a capital”, a valuable and highly demanded asset, which increases the dynamics of a company’s growth under the assumption of its right usage. It turns out to be much more important than material assets and financial capital. The major determinant of the human capital’s quality is the knowledge base, which differentiated the company from its surroundings and becomes the source of competitive advantage.

A specific attribute of current knowledge is its dynamics, which requires constant development. Knowledge is the basis for employees’ competency potential, however, it does not constitute the full of it. The turbulent environment, in which we function, makes interpersonal skills as important as openness to change, inclination for development, entrepreneurship or motivation.   

These constitute the basis for the Institute’s research and didactic work.   

The enrichment of our Country’s most precious asset – the value of human capital  

Key values of the Institute:
Mutual trust