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 Assistant Professor Beata Chmielewiec, PhD

e-mail: Beata.Chmielewiec (in the following domain:
Curriculum Vitae:
  • Beata Chmielewiec graduated from the Lazarski School of Commerce and Law in Warsaw (a Master's degree, July 2001).
  • She obtained a PhD in Management Sciences at the Faculty of Management and Finance, Warsaw School of Economics in May 2007 for a dissertation titled “Employability of graduates (on the example of the Polish economy)”. 
  • At present, Assistant Professor at the Department of Family Business (in the Institute of Enterprise, the Warsaw School of Economics.
  • In the past, Dr Beata Chmielewiec worked in the accounting office, was a specialist in human resources and the Chancellor in a private university.  
Scientific interests:
  • Human capital as a creator of enterprise value
  • Human resource management in the organization
  • The labor market in Poland and the European Union  
  • The criteria for selection of employees for project teams - pilot study in 2016  
Other interests and hobby:
  • Travels
  • Art (especially painting) 
Dr Beata Chmielewiec is also Director of the Postgraduate Programme in Human Resource Management in Organisation (the Programme is offered in Polish):, the Warsaw School of Economics