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Student Organizations : Student Scientific Societies – Business Environment Unit | Warsaw School of Economics

 Student Scientific Societies


Acceleration Student Scientific Group

The Institute of Enterprise takes care of Acceleration Student Scientific Group.
From the beginning the leader of the Club are Prof. PhD Hanna Godlewska-Majkowska and MA Magdalena Typa.
The first meetings were held during the autumn of 2008. Formal registration of the Club was made in January 2009. The first president was Konrad Zawodziński, now a graduate of the Master School in Warsaw School of Economics. In the academic year 2011/2012 chairman was Mariusz Czernecki, graduate in Warsaw School of Economics, currently a doctoral student of the College of Business School. In the academic years 2012/2013-2013/2014 this position was held by bachelor Maciej Boncławek – now master student. Since 2014/2015 Paweł Kasprowicz is the chairman of the Club.

Club takes part in the statutory research of Institute of Enterprise, participates in Fair of Scientific Clubs, conducts its own research and is represented at conferences. In its ranks there are present PhD students of Warsaw School of Economics, graduate  and undergraduate students.

The Club’s pride is a contest "Community on 5!". It is dedicated to searching for best practices among local government municipal level, to support the development of entrepreneurial activities through websites and customer service using e-mail. This competition is the result of evolution of scientific research conducted since 2009. Initially, the group gained experience studying selected Polish regions. Their result were the first studies of customer service in the municipalities of Lower Silesia. The scope of research was progressively extended, gaining protection and patronage of institutions such as the Agency for Development of Mazovia SA or the Polish Agency for Information and Foreign Investment.

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