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 Scientific Research


​​Employees of the Unit participated in the implementation of the following research projects:

  • Practice evaluation of investment projects in the telecommunications industry (confidential material - study commissioned by TP SA) - Head of research topic: Prof. PHD S. Kasiewicz
  • Strategies to increase the enterprise value. Remuneration fair. The concept and measurement. - Head of research topic: Prof. PHD I. Lichniak
  • The advancement of marketing orientation in Polish enterprises. Factors of competitiveness of Polish enterprises
  • Innovation of Polish companies in the European Union countries. Marketing strategies as a generator of business

Statutory research: Research topic: The institutional infrastructure of business failure - Head: Prof. PHD E. Mączyńska

Title: Suitability verification of known models of early warning about the threat of bankruptcy in Poland - Dr. W. Rogowski, K. Borkowski