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About the Department : About the Unit – Innovation Management Unit | Warsaw School of Economics

 About the Unit

The Innovation Management Unit, as an integral research unit of the Institute of Enterprise, was established by the Rector's Order No. 58 of 14th October 2013 through transformation of the previously operating Department of Innovation Management.

The Department of Innovation Management was established in September 1996 by initiative of Professor J.Bogdanienko and Professor A.Sosnowska, on the grounds of a small research unit.  

In September 2005, Associate Professor Krystyna Poznańska was nominated as Head of the Department. At present, Professor K.Poznańska continues its function as Head of Innovation Management Unit within the Institute of Enterprise.

Taking into account the global challenges that companies need to face, our principal research areas are:
  • entrepreneurship and innovativeness of small- and medium-sized enterprises,
  • technology strategies of companies,
  • research and development activities of transnational corporations,
  • technology transfer and collaboration between companies and other institutions in the area of innovation activity,
  • sources of competitive advantages of companies,
  • public sector management.
At present, we have 5 permanent members of staff.