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 Assistant Professor Kamil M. Kraj, PhD

e-mail: Kamil.Kraj (in the following domain:

Kamil M.Kraj obtained a PhD in Management Sciences at the Faculty of Management and Finance, Warsaw School of Economics in March 2007 for a dissertation titled "The internationalisation of R&D activities in transnational corporations".

Scientific interests:

  • Innovation management (especially technological innovation processes in large enterprises)
  • Intellectual Property management (especially IP strategies)
  • Strategic management (especially competitive strategies in high-tech companies)
  • Corporate entrepreneurship
  • "The leading transnational corporations in terms of R&D expenditure incurred in the year 2007" - an analysis of R&D expenditure with reference to the period of 2000-2011 (research conducted in 2009-2013).
  • Corporate R&D centres (established by TNCs) in Poland (carried out: April-August 2006 and July-September 2007)

Other interests and hobby:

  • ancient history
  • fantasy literature